Lara Jones

Lara Jones is a London based experimental producer, saxophonist, keyboardist and lyricist, that creates high energy pulsating electronics and jazz harmonies that weave into electronic grime and a web of arpeggiated synths, basses and glitchy beats in Ableton Live. 

Jones’ work has undergone an organic evolution across her EPs, with her latest set distilling her dizzying mix of accessible and avant-garde sounds with edgy, powerful production. From the haunting poignancy of her darkly ambient debut EP, Ensó, via the crunching industrial grime of Flow, with its flickering gritty textures, to the warm eroticism and enticing dance grooves of Fig, Lara Jones refuses to be boxed in by genres or gender definitions. 

As a queer artist, Lara uses her work to explore queer narratives and experiences whilst opening up conversations on gender, stereotypes, queer fashion and queer identity. She also uses her music as a platform to address political issues and social injustices. 

This has all garnered her support from established music media outlets such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 3, DJ Mag, Electronic Sound, The Wire and many more.