Sander Sanchez
Sanders musical style is very dynamic and reflexive and is inspired by a higher meaning with poetic depth, delivered by a mesmerizing vocal that will creep under your skin at very first listen.

His aesthetic is colourful. In regards to genre, Sander is playful, as he flows effortlessly into 80’s pop, hip hop-blues, soul, r&b, funk and EDM that collide in an explosive and fully molded expression.
Tarallilah’s lyrics and music have in common that they point out and distort the normative effects of beauty and female dominance. She is able to express freedom in her lyrics by writing explicit pieces of music that push the boundaries society has placed upon us. As a part of her musical storytelling Taralillah challenges her production to express and amplify the strength, feelings and anger.
Writing songs about his own insecurities and loneliness, which has always been a driving force for Claude.

Music and lyrics, supports tales of love, despair and homosexuality, with a balanced mix of masculine and feminine, euphoria and sorrow energy. These contrasts create an unique atmosphere where pain is valued and emotions are praised.
Nana is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter and producer based in Aarhus who creates songs in the bedroom at home. The love for creating her own music is defining for Nana as an artist and for the genre Bedroom Pop.

Her sound is inspired by RnB and full of 80’s synths, choral arrangements, heavy beats and a feminine vocal that connects the vulnerable and truthful lyrics about everything from a broken heart to the fear of growing up too fast.
Pulsating beats, high energy and wildness in a digitized and sharp musical language. maththegamergirl ironises and exaggerates everything we know from pop music and brings it to a whole new level. After releasing only one single, the artist managed to get media coverage from great Danish media such as Politiken, Soundvenue, Bands of Tomorrow and […]
Ramez Mhaanna
Ramez Mhaanna is an internationally recognized pianist and has completed his bachelor’s degree in Gnesin Music Academy in Moscow and his master’s and soloist degrees at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. From an early age he has won prizes in Danish and international piano competitions, among others first prize in “Musica Classica” Moscow 2010 […]
Not a boy, not quite a man. Bonafide pop but a maverick in the mainstream. Ever since his 2012 debut album Sunken Ships, Asbjørn has been a poster boy of the unconventional. His self-exposing lyrics offer radio-length sex education wrapped in adventurous yet highly infectious pop production, gaining him praise from his personal heroine Lykke […]
Elijah Kashmir
Elijah Kashmir is a Palestinian artist and gender bender based in Copenhagen. Their musical universe is a reflection of the hardships Kashmir has been through since being disowned as a teenager for identifying as queer. The music is intended to empower, embody unapologetic energy with hard hitting instrumentals and storytelling that roots in challenging normative […]
FreddyQ is a provocative artist from Denmark who makes honest and fearless rap music abouthis life and experiences. At its core, his music is characterised by a desire to inspire others toknow that they do not have to fit into a certain box, just because that is what others mightexpect of them. As a gay […]
Kedde has been perfecting his sound over the past few years and is now ready to perform his music live with a band that allows him to showcase what his artistry has to offer. Despite not having released any music yet he has been on a national tour as the opening act for the artist […]
Danish club rock band UBLU plays for the queers and their peers in a world where the angsty rock of the 00’s meets synth-pumping fetish clubs. With titillating and forceful melodies, the band sings of haunted warehouse raves, broken or confused hearts, and the euphoria of being both glamourous and stupid. UBLU is ABBA for […]
Raymonde Gaunoux
Danish-American artist Raymonde Gaunoux launches his self-titled solo project after, for a number of years, having released music as one half of the duo Feel Freeze, signed with Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. The music has been played on English and Danish radio, BBC, P6 and P3 and received praise from ‘The Line of […]
The music of Danish Mylder is low-fedelity sound, instrumental minimalism and nostalgic synth. His lyrical themes spans from the complexities of social reality to simple queer love. Mylder has written music all through 2010’s but his work first got available in the first part of 2020’s. Mylder has played in the halls of Copenhagen churches, […]
The French artist Kylian invites you into a melancholic synth universe filled with anxiety, identity questions,and a dream about a greater life somewhere. Kylian is inspired by the karaoke scene and minimalistic sounds. The simpler the music is, the more dangerous and honest it is. Kylian discovered in his teenage years that he didn’t fit […]
O/RIOH’s music cannot be defined by genre designations. It is defined by energies – of euphoria, anger, happiness & change and for the same reason, O/RIOH finds inspiration in everything from pop guru Justin Bieber to the feminist punk rapper Peaches. With hard electronic beats, autotune-distorted vocals and lyrics about sex, money, exhaustion and everything […]
Reveal Party
Emily Holm Nyhuss, better known as Reveal Party, writes songs about existing in achaos of complicated feelings, and how sometimes you need to cut all ties withthem when they get too tough to handle. »Cut your feelings, like me«, is her quietadvice in her opening number on her debut EP ‘You Stole a Year of […]
Brave James
Unafraid to be unique, newcomer Brave James blends dreamy alt-pop, maximalist electro production and multi-layered psychedelic vocal harmonies as they whip up a whirlwind of multi-generational influences into a sound that sits right at home in 2022. Those traits both flourish and prosper in their debut album ‘BE BRAVE’. Born in Australia and now based […]
Basit is a non-binary Black, Nigerian-American performance artist, singer/songwriter and actor. They are also a co-founder of Legacy, a production company focused on providing resources to artists systematically excluded from—and exploited by—media and the arts. Their creative practices are rooted in cultivating radical empathy, embracing vulnerability and unique expression, and finding power and strength in […]
Tandem er en ung rap-duo, der udforsker livet, døden og alt derimellem.  Bagved Tandems hårde hud ligger der en blød kerne. Deres tekster skærer huden op og lader det fosse ud fra kernen med drømmeagtige billeder af mental sundhed, flydende seksualitet og alle de overvejelser, der kommer med at være ung. Tandem er to tynde […]
Phtalo is a non-binary sonic exploration, into the meeting of modern and vintage music production, where processed vocals are a minimalist art form, in a carefully selected machine park of synth and glitch. Phtalo distills an experimental approach of dynamic and versatile composition, into stunning works suspended between detailed sonic tapestries and gestural electronica. Touching […]


NOVA (they/them) is a upcoming queer DJ who has just started their DJ journey because they have a great love for music including especially techno and electro which is their favourite genre. They are also smitten by house, disco and hip hop. NOVA’s goal is to please your ears and create a space where you can connect and escape to music that will make you euphoric, ecstatic and make your body want to dance while feeling the vibe NOVA creates.
Anira Orlando alias Sinfohme (she/her) is an upcoming DJ with roots in SABAAHH and Future Female Sounds. She is a queer trans woman of color and started her dj journey, since she first and foremost love music and have a great knowledge of different genres, which are also expressed in her sets, but also because queer fems like dj’z are missing!

Anira play Pop, hip hop / trap, old school throwbacks Brazilian funk and House / soft techno.
Transparent Tim
Transparent Tim spins cinematic vibrations from a galaxy party to a dancefloor near you. He plays House, Disco, Techno & Electro New Wave. Listen to a mixtape from Transparent Tim here:
WITZANSKY (He/Him) has been DJing for over 25 years now and is still continuously seeking for new inspiration and platforms to share his passion. His journey has led him to running nightclubs (with Rosa Lux) to having residencies at the notoriously sweaty TS Bar nightclub among others. His style is trippy deep house and straight […]
Entree is a Copenhagen based DJ and party promoter. He has been a resident DJ at venues like Søpavillonen, Jolene and Bakken in Copenhagen and Powerhouse in San Francisco. He is very fond of House and Techno, but he also has a weakness for Pop bangers and RnB jams. He likes to blend genres while […]
ADEXIA (she/they) is a danish DJ and electronic music producer based in Copenhagen. Shegraduated from Future Female Sounds DJ Academy in June 2022 and is a part of theSheCanPlay community of 2022-2023. The inspiration comes from experimental and avant-garde soundscapes from the future.ADEXIA has a distinct love for sound-design and technology. She is known for […]
Producer, songwriter and DJ Rosa Lux started her career in 2011, when she released her debut album “Monsters”. The record was nominated for a Steppeulv, the Danish Music Awards, a Gaffa Prize and the Danish DJ Awards, and the single *Min Klub Først” with Alberte and Josefine Winding earned her a Gold Record.  Since then […]
Jonas Tuk is one of the freshest breaths from the Copenhagen scene. He has an insatiable love for music, he is a very versatile DJ, which you can feel in the way he plays at the decks. Jonas is a DJ in constant development, and has never locked himself into one genre. Though he have […]
Phtalo is Heidi Mortenson’s non-binary moniker.  She started DJing as a 20 year old living in Barcelona and worked at the night club Moog. During the day, she plowed through vinyls at the local record stores. She mostly played for fun at small clubs, events, bars and also had a steady weekly at Cityhall where […]

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