Not a boy, not quite a man. Bonafide pop but a maverick in the mainstream. Ever since his 2012 debut album Sunken Ships, Asbjørn has been a poster boy of the unconventional. His self-exposing lyrics offer radio-length sex education wrapped in adventurous yet highly infectious pop production, gaining him praise from his personal heroine Lykke […]
Danish club rock band UBLU plays for the queers and their peers in a world where the angsty rock of the 00’s meets synth-pumping fetish clubs. With titillating and forceful melodies, the band sings of haunted warehouse raves, broken or confused hearts, and the euphoria of being both glamourous and stupid. UBLU is ABBA for […]
Reveal Party
The deeply intimate and personal songwriting of Emily Holm Nyhuus is equal parts haunting and comforting. Haunting because she never hesitates to put her most brutal feelings into song. Comforting because it can feel reassuring if you’ve ever been to the same emotional places as she has been. Under the moniker Reveal Party she creates […]
Elijah Kashmir
Elijah Kashmir (they/them) aims to create space for experimentation, breaking norms, and anchoring themselves in feelings of empowerment and sorrow, through their hard-hitting productions and norm-defying lyrics converge in a culmination of rap. With the singles ‘Badass Bitch’ and ‘Dryp,’ Elijah had an amazing start. They have performed at venues such as Villa CPH, SPOT […]
Tandem is a Danish electronic hip-hop duo, dripping with self-confident sensitivity. Tandem is two young men who let music pierce through their thick skin, making it pour out with unfiltered emotion. Tandem is a dreamy lyrical universe, in which the listener is tossed back and forth through surreal descriptions of anger, tears, sex, emptiness, and […]
NIMĀ is a Danish/Iranian queer artist with strong roots from Iran, and writes songs for and about relationships he has collided with over time. He is drawn to the exact moment when two energies collide in a way that can be felt deep within the soul. He is not afraid to feel and express himself, […]
Tarallilah’s lyrics and music have in common that they point out and distort the normative effects of beauty and female dominance. She is able to express freedom in her lyrics by writing explicit pieces of music that push the boundaries society has placed upon us. As a part of her musical storytelling Taralillah challenges her production to express and amplify the strength, feelings and anger.
The French artist Kylian(they/them) invites you into a melancholic synth universe filled with anxiety, identity questions, and a dream about a greater life somewhere. Kylian is inspired by the karaoke scene and minimalistic sounds. The simpler the music is, the more dangerous and honest it is. Kylian discovered in his teenage years that they didn’t […]
Sander Sanchez
Sanders musical style is very dynamic and reflexive and is inspired by a higher meaning with poetic depth, delivered by a mesmerizing vocal that will creep under your skin at very first listen.

His aesthetic is colourful. In regards to genre, Sander is playful, as he flows effortlessly into 80’s pop, hip hop-blues, soul, r&b, funk and EDM that collide in an explosive and fully molded expression.
O/RIOH’s music cannot be defined by genre designations. It is defined by energies – of euphoria, anger, happiness & change and for the same reason, O/RIOH finds inspiration in everything from pop guru Justin Bieber to the feminist punk rapper Peaches. With hard electronic beats, autotune-distorted vocals and lyrics about sex, money, exhaustion and everything […]
Nana is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter and producer based in Aarhus who creates songs in the bedroom at home. The love for creating her own music is defining for Nana as an artist and for the genre Bedroom Pop.

Her sound is inspired by RnB and full of 80’s synths, choral arrangements, heavy beats and a feminine vocal that connects the vulnerable and truthful lyrics about everything from a broken heart to the fear of growing up too fast.
FreddyQ is a provocative artist from Denmark who makes honest and fearless rap music abouthis life and experiences. At its core, his music is characterised by a desire to inspire others toknow that they do not have to fit into a certain box, just because that is what others mightexpect of them. As a gay […]
Raymonde Gaunoux
Danish-French-American artist Raymonde Gaunoux delivers powerful, vulnerable and queer songs carried forth with faith and love. Through heartfelt vocals and a sympathetic and embracing personality, he fills the room with touching, authentic and abundant music that will, inevitably, find its way to your heart and leave you with an experience you didn’t know you were […]
“Tape hiss, resonating acoustic guitar and nostalgia for synths from a bygone era. This is what makes Mylder. His music is infused with a lo-fi aesthetic, creating a raw and intimate atmosphere that allows listeners to feel like they’re strolling with something old. Something beautiful as well. As a queer person, Mylder is unapologetically honest […]
Basit is a non-binary Black, Nigerian-American performance artist, singer/songwriter and actor. They are also a co-founder of Legacy, a production company focused on providing resources to artists systematically excluded from—and exploited by—media and the arts. Their creative practices are rooted in cultivating radical empathy, embracing vulnerability and unique expression, and finding power and strength in […]
The Reflections
New York City-based vocalist, Ken Orlino, and Copenhagen-based Producer, Micki Borneland, come together to bring a romantic twist on electronic music with a touch of R&B history and pop culture. Even a physical distance across the world can’t stand against this couple’s open-hearted sharing. Together, they give reflections to contrasting feelings, self-understanding and personal challenges. […]
Konform [Conform] is the name, but definitely not the word to describe this duo – on the contrary.Konform has come to define the term itself and make new waves for who and what the hip hop underground consists of. Two AFAB queers, with a huge love for 90’s and 00’s hip hop, has a sound […]
Ivy Rosenauer
Ivy Rosenauer is a multi talented and dynamic artist making waves in the music industry, introduces her debut single “Speed Me Up” as a captivating glimpse into her upcoming E.P. The Swedish singer was the first transgender woman to grace the stage of Copenhagen Pride 2018 and has since blossomed and slowly but surely made […]
Emil Bror
Emil Bror is a young songwriter, who tries to create a curious and playful sound universe,without getting locked in by one genre or style. With a poetic flair he tries to describe facetsof life everybody knows. Relations between people, being frustrated by the future, and otherpersonal problems are just some of the themes Emils music […]
Maz emerged from a conservative little town in Luxembourg, where the blueprint to a traditional way of life was put into his cradle in 1999. It took a while for his beautiful, yet gory poetry notes to escape his bedroom drawer; for the pride flag to appear between metal posters. Today, he puts his thoughtsinto […]
CHAiLD burst onto the music scene in 20219. The young rising pop artist from Luxembourg rapidly became known and stood out for his unique, soothing yet intense voice that pulls at your heartstrings and transports you into his melancholic universe. While theres a nostalgic air to CHAiLDs vocals, they also possess a modern twist resonating […]
Edsun is a multitalented artist from Luxembourg combining his personal brand of R&B with contemporary dance and alluring visuals, resulting in highly entertaining performance ensembles. Edsun began his musical journey with a melancholic dark air to his music, but has gradually transformed into uplifting unique sounds, peeling back layers that can weigh heavily, a transition […]
Christian Høgh
Christian Høgh is a queer rapper who has felt different all his life. The music is emotional and balances dynamically between being vulnerable and rebellious. Christian is part of the new Danish hip-hop scene, where socially realistic and honest lyrics are in focus. The production is inspired by the hyperpop wave and trap music. His […]
Lesbisk Pik
Lesbisk Pik is a lesbian punk band, who uses music as a very personal and noisy strategy to fuck the heteronormative and racist society in their a$$. The intensity is high, and the music is punk with catchy riffs and lyrics, that engages the audience.
Charlie Belle
When international attention came to the sibling duo Charlie Belle in 2014, Jendayi and Gyasi Bonds were literally just kids. Sixteen and fourteen-years-old at the time, they were both already veterans of the Austin music scene (Austin City Limits, SXSW, Moody Theater) when their debut EP “Get To Know” blew up. Press came from NPR, […]
Brianna Musco
Brianna Musco is a pop singer best known for her hit singles “Why Don’t You Want Me” and “Paradise”. Brianna has gained the trust of over 56k TikTok fans by using her real-life experiences to create relatable lyrics and then posting about her  live performances. Her electric performances gained recognition and a chance to open for Carlie Hanson & Sophie Powers in […]
Sedric Perry
Sedric Perry is the cutting edge expression of queer joy, his story told in a wealth of artistic mediums including singing, songwriting, performance, and artistic activism. Currently based in Berlin, and originally from Philadelphia, Sedric is a skilled and studied classically-trained vocalist who incorporates his gospel and jazz roots into a smooth blend of throwback-pop, […]
maia maia
maia maia is the sound of #Millenniumpop. With power, personality and strongvocals, she breaks through the musical landscape like lightning from a clear,orange sky. maia maia has a stormy attitude and a wink in her eye. Sonically, she’s fused by sharppop melodies, lyrics beaming with personality and the quirky charm of the 00s pop/rockera. Behind […]
Funeral Doors
Defined by cheeky lyrics, irreverent temperaments and an uncompromising sound, New Jersey’s  Funeral Doors have made waves in the tri-state area since their formation in late 2021. Composed of guitarist/frontwoman Juni Purrrr (she/her), bassist Brooke St. Bones (she/her), and drummer Kidd Nickels (he/they), Funeral Doors  delivers an explosive live show teeming with genuine emotion andlove […]


NOVA (they/them) is a upcoming queer DJ who has just started their DJ journey because they have a great love for music including especially techno and electro which is their favourite genre. They are also smitten by house, disco and hip hop. NOVA’s goal is to please your ears and create a space where you can connect and escape to music that will make you euphoric, ecstatic and make your body want to dance while feeling the vibe NOVA creates.
Anira Orlando alias Sinfohme (she/her) is an upcoming DJ with roots in SABAAHH and Future Female Sounds. She is a queer trans woman of color and started her dj journey, since she first and foremost love music and have a great knowledge of different genres, which are also expressed in her sets, but also because queer fems like dj’z are missing!

Anira play Pop, hip hop / trap, old school throwbacks Brazilian funk and House / soft techno.
Transparent Tim
Transparent Tim spins cinematic vibrations from a galaxy party to a dancefloor near you. He plays House, Disco, Techno & Electro New Wave. Listen to a mixtape from Transparent Tim here:
WITZANSKY (He/Him) has been DJing for over 25 years now and is still continuously seeking for new inspiration and platforms to share his passion. His journey has led him to running nightclubs (with Rosa Lux) to having residencies at the notoriously sweaty TS Bar nightclub among others. His style is trippy deep house and straight […]
Entree is a Copenhagen based DJ and party promoter. He has been a resident DJ at venues like Søpavillonen, Jolene and Bakken in Copenhagen and Powerhouse in San Francisco. He is very fond of House and Techno, but he also has a weakness for Pop bangers and RnB jams. He likes to blend genres while […]
ADEXIA (she/her) is a danish DJ and electronic music producer based in Copenhagen. She graduated from Future Female Sounds DJ Academy in June 2022 and is a part of the SheCanPlay music community of 2023. Sonically the inspiration originates from new realms of experimentation with sound. An absorption of technology, the ocean, the cosmos and […]
Producer, songwriter and DJ Rosa Lux started her career in 2011, when she released her debut album “Monsters”. The record was nominated for a Steppeulv, the Danish Music Awards, a Gaffa Prize and the Danish DJ Awards, and the single *Min Klub Først” with Alberte and Josefine Winding earned her a Gold Record.  Since then […]
Born and raised in the heart of the electronic music scene, Jonas Tuk has always had a passion for the beats and rhythms that make people move. From an early age, Jonas Tuk was drawn to the sounds of 90’s and 00’s trance, techno, and break beats, and spent countless hours honing their skills behind […]
Phtalo is Baldur Mortenson’s non-binary moniker.  They started DJing as a 20 year old living in Barcelona and worked at the night club Moog. During the day, they plowed through vinyls at the local record stores. They mostly played for fun at small clubs, events, bars and also had a steady weekly at Cityhall where […]
SCHAARUP is a skilled, energetic and dedicated Underground DJ from Copenhagen. Her sound and heart are set on genres such as; Melodic House, Melodic techno, afrohouse, indie dance, deephouse, house, techno and electronic and she draws inspiration from the sounds and clubs of (underground) Berlin.  SCHAARUP’s sets are stories told by her melodic and dark […]
Bambi Milan
Bambi Milan (He/him), DJ & producer and a proud member of the Iconic House of Milan in the international ballroomscene. He has a love for house music in all it’s forms, because of it’s queer roots, and the freedom it stands for. Bambi plays music that makes you want to dance, with a little bit […]
Wifey Skye
Skaiste is a young, talented queer DJ who has quickly gained attention in the music industry. Her talent and passion for music have made her a rising star, and she has already played at some of the biggest clubs in Copenhagen, as well as has been an opening act at the Danish Rainbow Awards show […]
Chelita is a Afro-Indigenous DJ, Producer & Event Organizer based in Boston, MA. Helping bring the Boston DJ scene to the international level with the creation of nightlife staple Clear The Floor as well as being a organizer/resident DJ for the Hardcore party Pole Position. Their one of a kind sound is what makes Chelita […]
BettyB is a new upcoming DJ whose one desire is to give the audience a dance party they wish would never end. Her love for music has finally pushed her to move from the floor to now behind the decks. With her passion for electronic/house music in all its shapes and forms she often delivers […]

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