XANA 101

Xana 101 is a first generation New York City native, open format DJ who loves to craft unique and stimulating multi genre blends live, creating new sounds and vibes using tracks new and old. Xana has made their rounds around Brooklyn’s underground techno/rave scene making stops behind the decks at Nowadays, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Elsewhere, Trans Pecos, Market Hotel and many more clubs and DIY spaces. They have also created mixes for iconic music collectives, such as The Lot Radio, Fun Is Still Transgressive, Lucid Radio etc., always showcasing why they are the self proclaimed ‘real rave b!tch’. Cofounder of NYC collective/event series EUWHORIA alongside Cyb3r Bull and event series The Spiral alongside Soo Intoit, Xana uses their influence as an event producer in the techno and club scene to uplift queer DJs and musicians and share the growing platform their creating to spotlight emerging and existing queer talent in NYC.