Wifey Skye

Skaiste is a young, talented queer DJ who has quickly gained attention in the music industry. Her talent and passion for music have made her a rising star, and she has already played at some of the biggest clubs in Copenhagen, as well as has been an opening act at the Danish Rainbow Awards show as well as headlined at GIRL x GIRL events. These opportunities have helped to establish her as a talented and sought-after DJ in the music industry. With her unique choice of sound stands out in the Danish DJ community. She plays a unique mix of both mainstream and undiscovered electronic music, which sets her apart from other female DJs in Denmark.

She is known for showcasing new and exciting music and her ability to captivate audiences with her unique style and energy. Her industry knowledge and connections is making her a rising talent in the Danish and international music scene. Skaiste ́s presence on TikTok is gaining popularity and recognition among its users. Her passion for music and her dedication to the LGBT community have helped her to build a large following on the platform. This also has helped her gain bookings outside of Denmark.
She has been booked to play at queer events happening in London and Dublin in 2023, in addition to her bookings in Denmark. This indicates that her popularity on TikTok has helped her expand her reach and gain more opportunities to perform in different cities and countries.