WITZANSKY (He/Him) has been DJing for over 25 years now and is still continuously seeking for new inspiration and platforms to share his passion. His journey has led him to running nightclubs (with Rosa Lux) to having residencies at the notoriously sweaty TS Bar nightclub among others.

His style is trippy deep house and straight up (no pun) banging house but usually with a distinct early 90ies tech vibe to it, and down to fast rumbling techno. But he has always sought to be open to whatever made his nerve ends vibrate and that has opened up for multiple gigs in hotel lounges, cocktail bars and restaurants with an edge and wherever sophistication and diversity was needed.

His curiosity for the bombastic cinematic and non danceable music has also led him to making scores for several fashion shows including HOM, Nicholas Nybro and Vivienne Westwood.  

Apart from the DJ┬┤ing Simon is a Scenographer, educated from The Danish School of Theatre. He is among other things making the Stage Design for Copenhagen Pride.