Nile Rondon aka CROCONILE is an open format DJ that specializes in techno, EDM, rap, house, reggae/ton, soca and pop. Born in St. Thomas, raised in Atlanta and residing in Brooklyn, you can hear the influence of each soundscape blended into his sets. Nile started his audio engineering journey at the tail end of 2013 after experiencing BEYONCÉ(2013). From there, he felt inspired to find a way to make art through music in his own unique way and did so by producing mashups and songwriting poetry on top of the mashups during his college career under the name CROCONILE. In 2021, he decided to take the leap and started to DJ. With his ultimate goal to be an audio engineer for luxury fashion houses, Nile uses DJing as a way to attract a bigger crowd more quickly as he expresses his authentic self through the decks and has done so over one hundred times around the cities of New York, Brooklyn, Atlanta and Detroit, so far.