ADEXIA (she/her) is a danish DJ and electronic music producer based in Copenhagen. She graduated from Future Female Sounds DJ Academy in June 2022 and is a part of the SheCanPlay music community of 2023.

Sonically the inspiration originates from new realms of experimentation with sound. An absorption of technology, the ocean, the cosmos and electronic music guides ADEXIA through the unfathomable scale of existence. She’s pushing for cultural progression and makes it very clear that experimental- and hyperkinetic soundscapes are the future. Her demanding and aggressive bass pushes you to the limits of surrealism, creating a cutthroat contrast between her futuristic, bubbly synths accompanied by feminine vocals. Confused by the complexity of the world we live in, ADEXIA still manages to let her music do the talking.

Dodging the limitations imposed by tidy labels, ADEXIA uses sound design and technology to manipulate the balance between human and machine. She creates a fluid and playful ecosystem around her visions and concepts whereas physical form and the existence of gender seems meaningless. Combining consciousness and design beyond gender or genre, she manages to challenge and distort social constructs and binaries and ultimately questions what it means to be anything.

With her innovative and exhilarating music selection, she has been playing visceral sets at festivals and venues such as Store Vega, Copenhagen Pride, Fluid Festival, Den Anden Side, Alternative Fashion Week, Baggen, Depot Radio and more.