Van Hechter

Montreal-based pop artist Van Hechter is known in the underground for his ”neo-disco” flavor and ”crooner like” stage presence. His 2020 EP ”Love Elastic” charted in the US with many singles reaching #1. He not only sings, but also hosts, MCs and works a room with humor and wit as was done in the golden age of cabarets. He has followings in NYC, Chicago, Boston and Cape Cod, Florida cities and Palm Springs. Recently he’s performed in Paris and is scheduled to return in September of 2024. 

He just released a new single ”Hot Damn!”, title track to his upcoming EP which he will be promoting from June, well into 2025 in various venues across the USA, Canada and France. 

Instead of a typical tour, this time around Van is opting for parties involving DJs, contests with audiences, sometimes glamour girls or guest appearances. He will perform of course, but sporadically throughout the events instead of singing one full block of songs. In his words: ”I want to bring back the Supper Club, I want to bring back the Cocktail Lounge & Discotheque, where the crowd was as much part of the show as the show itself. People need this now- with all the trouble ’round the world, inflation & climate angst! We need to party TOGETHER!”