The Reflections

New York City-based vocalist, Ken Orlino, and Copenhagen-based Producer, Micki Borneland, come together to bring a romantic twist on electronic music with a touch of R&B history and pop culture.

Even a physical distance across the world can’t stand against this couple’s open-hearted sharing. Together, they give reflections to contrasting feelings, self-understanding and personal challenges. From an unimaginable amount of emotion to a fundamental stage of reality, ‘The Reflections’ cover the full spectrum.

Ken Orlino is a vocalist, classically trained since the age of 9. He very quickly found his passion for R&B and pop, competing in singing competitions both in the United States and the Philippines where he was a top 10 finalist for TV show, Pop Superstar, by the age of 14. Micki Borneland is a Platinum award-winning Producer, who gained recognition for his part in ‘Borneland’ – a duo venture 16 years in the making that he shares with his younger brother. He’s since then received mass recognition across BuzzFeed, MTV and American Billboard, for his own releases in addition to the hit remix of ‘Destiny’s Child’.

Together, ‘The Reflections’ invite you to a universe where a true sense of self and life is celebrated, regardless of who or what you are.