Tandem is a Danish electronic hip-hop duo, dripping with self-confident sensitivity.

Tandem is two young men who let music pierce through their thick skin, making it pour out with unfiltered emotion.

Tandem is a dreamy lyrical universe, in which the listener is tossed back and forth through surreal descriptions of anger, tears, sex, emptiness, and mindless euphoria.

In June of 2022, this chaotic universe was introduced in the duo’s debut EP, ‘stormen2mithoved.com’. Throughout its five tracks, the EP makes sonic references to both dark triphop, atmospheric artpop and pumping techno. Still, the sound is held together by the two rappers, whose personality-ridden and technically refined verses give the listener a raw insight into the emotional life of two sensitive boys in their beginning 20’s.

On stage, Tandem focuses greatly on creating an immersive experience. With their odd, spontaneous stage presence, the duo aims to subject both newcomers and long-time fans to a well-deserved mixture of laughter and tears.