Sander Sanchez

Sander Sanchez is a half Native American and half Danish singer/songwriter based in Copenhagen. His musical style is dynamic and soulful and inspired by a higher meaning with poetic depth delivered by a strong and mesmerizing vocal. He loves reflexive and spiritual lyrics that gives a platform to his innermost feelings. His has a holographic aesthetic that is inspired by a colorful and light bending universe.

Sander has performed at events such as World Pride, Smukfest, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Danish Rainbow Awards 22′ – where he was nominated as ‘Artist of the year’.

Sander Sanchez’ pop songs are loud, bombastic and in-your-face. The glamourous excess of classic 80’s pop meets the scale and power of modern EDM. Sander Sanchez is a captivating performer and vocalist, infusing his songs with not just soul, but also an impressive degree of physicality. When you see Sander Sanchez move on stage, it’s hard not to do the same yourself.