Raymonde Gaunoux

Danish-American artist Raymonde Gaunoux launches his self-titled solo project after, for a number of years, having released music as one half of the duo Feel Freeze, signed with Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. The music has been played on English and Danish radio, BBC, P6 and P3 and received praise from ‘The Line of Best Fit’, ‘Circuit Sweet, ‘CLASH Magazine’, ‘GAFFA’, ‘JaJaJa Music’ og ‘Wussymag’. The debut album ‘Feathers & Scars’ led to a major interview with dr.dk, a sync deal with HBO series “All American” and a support concert for Anne Linnet at CPH Pride in 2018, because of lgbtqia+ themes on the album.

Raymonde Gaunoux is an advocate for promoting queer- and trans visibility in the music industry, which was featured in the August 2021 issue of GAFFA.

His songs reflect upon the physical, mental and spiritual processes of life. Transition from a gender to another, from life to death, moving from one place to another, moving in and out of relations. Central to the music is the voice and its stories, especially now, due to Raymonde’s voice being in transition from hormone therapy. The songs are personal, vulnerable and document a gender transitional journey with tales of mourning, trust, hope, love and healing in numerous ways.