O/RIOH’s music cannot be defined by genre designations. It is defined by energies – of euphoria, anger, happiness & change and for the same reason, O/RIOH finds inspiration in everything from pop guru Justin Bieber to the feminist punk rapper Peaches.

With hard electronic beats, autotune-distorted vocals and lyrics about sex, money, exhaustion and everything in between, O/RIOH makes music to make people move – both physically and mentally.

She is driven to work in the music industry on her own terms, which give her the space to make music that is honest, uncompromising and dares to challenge the norms. This is especially evident in her latest album, COMPLEX, which is a musical work that portrays its own process, and strives to stay at a playful level and at the same time maintain a clear theme and context.

“Live she thinks outside the box in a liberating way, and delivers a performance, a show that really grabs your attention.”, Gaffa DK

On stage, O/RIOH brings two energetic and extremely skilled live musicians and the three together manage to add completely new dimensions to the music and send it out powerfully and present straight into the faces and bodies of the audience.

O/RIOH is a North Jutland, queer, producer and artist who, through her music and other work in the music industry, is accelerating The LGBTQ revolution in Denmark.