NorRaun is non-stop electro female power-pop. It’s melodic pop that thrashes out, with a female vocal that has its roots in the strong female singers of the 80s. The soundscape is large and packed with pulsating synthesizers, bringing to mind 80’s Nena and the 00’s electro wave with VETO and Spleen United as inspiration. Underneath it all, the drums powerfully whip everything forward without looking back in the slightest.

The Danish lyrics are honest, direct and to the bone. The debut album #1 was released in 2022 in collaboration with Gateway Music. The summer of 2023 has offered a magical journey for NorRaun with several gigs around Denmark. In addition, NorRaun has been a guest at several festivals around Denmark with great audience success. The single “Jeg har” has been received fantastically and has been played several times on Danish Radio, achieving more than 40,000 plays on Spotify alone.

NorRaun consists of Annamaria Anhalt (lyrics and melody writer, lead vocalist, guitarist and sound geek) and Marlene Faddersbøll (drummer and the brain behind all the arrangements).