“Tape hiss, resonating acoustic guitar and nostalgia for synths from a bygone era. This is what makes Mylder.

His music is infused with a lo-fi aesthetic, creating a raw and intimate atmosphere that allows listeners to feel like they’re strolling with something old. Something beautiful as well.

As a queer person, Mylder is unapologetically honest in his music, shedding light on personal experiences and societal issues. He pushes lyrical boundaries with poetic vigor and challenges listeners to confront their perceptions and beliefs.

He encourages listeners to embrace their imperfections and to be unashamed of who they are. This honesty and vulnerability emanates from Mylders sonic wall which is decorated with a dreamy and folky tapestry.

In 2022 he wrote an article for the Danish music magazin Gaffa about the systemic issues of being gay in the music business: