maia maia

maia maia is the sound of #Millenniumpop. With power, personality and strong
vocals, she breaks through the musical landscape like lightning from a clear,
orange sky.

maia maia has a stormy attitude and a wink in her eye. Sonically, she’s fused by sharp
pop melodies, lyrics beaming with personality and the quirky charm of the 00s pop/rock

Behind the sassy pop star alias is singer, songwriter and producer: Maja Barløse.
She started 2023 hard with an energy bomb of a song & performance as a participant in
the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. The song “Beautiful Bullshit” has been unavoidable on P4
radio, where it has been played on repeat for months and ended up in the Top 20 on the
Airplay Chart. It also reached 20th place on the Viral 50 – Denmark playlist on Spotify.

In 2022, maia maia released two songs in collaboration with Sony Music: “Under You” &
“Do It Myself”, both of which are songs full of power and self-love. This resulted in a spot
at UHØRT Festival (which was highly praised by Soundvenue), support gigs for Go Go
Berlin and Ericka Jane as well as a mention on GAFFA’s “watch” list.