Kylian(they/them) is a French, non-binary artist; the music leans towards lo-fi synth-pop, drawing
inspiration from artists like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Alex Cameron, Molly Nilsson, and
Sean Nicolas Savage. Kylian often uses the term “bedroom-pop” to describe the
universe, directing thoughts towards simple productions, honest, and heartfelt lyrics. The
lyrical universe revolves around anxiety, identity questions, and dreams of a larger life.
Inspired by the karaoke scene and minimalist sounds, Kylian operates on the premise
that the simpler the music, the more dangerous and honest it is.

The debut EP titled “Deep in a Dream” was released 14 April 2023, and led them to perform at venues such as Baggen, Byhaven and SPOT Festival 2023.