The French artist Kylian(they/them) invites you into a melancholic synth universe filled with anxiety, identity questions, and a dream about a greater life somewhere. Kylian is inspired by the karaoke scene and minimalistic sounds. The simpler the music is, the more dangerous and honest it is.

Kylian discovered in his teenage years that they didn’t fit in and that their interests weren’t accepted by his surroundings. Kylian describes their fascination with the way his mother would make herself ready for a special night out. How she would try on different dresses and do a beautiful make up. Kylian felt an urge to express themselves in that way too, but both the mom and dad had a hard time accepting that their child, who was assigned the gender male at birth, wanted to experiment with an androgynous and feminine self-expression. It drove Kylian away from their parents and to Paris with the hope of finding likeminded people who would accept them for the person they are.

Kylian have waited a long time to release their debut EP; the songs have worked as methods to cope with anxiety and complex feelings. The process of making this EP began when Kylian moved to Athens in 2018, but unfortunately their anxiety intensified and it was hard to continue the work. Now Kylian is finally ready to release music and show the world who they are and what they stands for. The EP is a collection of stories from Kylian’s life for better or worse. A story about anxiety, numbness and crazy crushes which couldn’t live up to Kylians own expectations.

The debut EP titled “Deep in a Dream” was released 14 April 2023.