Originally founded by the two sisters, Sigrid, and Katinka Moth, Simako is a social project that mixes the joy of music, with the desire for community. The music takes its roots in 90’s R&B, but mixes in an interesting indie twist, and soothing keys that drift you off to memories of mild summer days on the beach with your friends. The sister duo started their musical journey already at ages 8 and 5, where they would sing Swedish folk-choir arrangements with their family. This instilled a deep rooted understanding of vocal harmonies, that echoes clearly into the music they make today. Simako’s lyrical compositions take you through all the intricacies of what it means to be a young person, navigating friendships, relationships, and self discovery in the 21’st century. With both humor, attitude and sincerity, they invite you into their universe, as though you were invited for a sleepover party at their house. Prepare for lots of dancing, lots of glitter, raw emotions, and crystal-like harmonies.