G. A

G. A is a Swedish experimental electronic project founded by artists and wives Andrea Diaz Ghiretti and Stella Kruusamägi. Their performances are crafted through an interdisciplinary landscape, combining music, movement, audiovisual, and writing practices with a choreographic approach.

With a vision to create a hybrid artistic experience. G. A’s music is a fusion of rap, electronica, Latin beats, and queer aesthetics, reflecting their innovative approach to genre blending.

Known for their thought-provoking lyrics and cultural fusion, G. A seeks to question and transcend current aesthetic and economic limitations by reclaiming the power of DIY culture and the creative possibilities found in unconventional art workshops.

G. A’s lyrics oscillate widely between the sacred and the mundane. As individuals, their music embraces and celebrates inclusion while questioning the social conditions of today’s Westernized and globalized world. Their lyrics acknowledge the negative impact of capitalism but also recognize their role as part of the system.

As daughters of the multicultural landscapes of Peru and Estonia, Andrea and Stella also imprint their countries’ heritages in their music, exploring different genres and sounds from their homelands, as well as incorporating their mystical practices into their craft.

In 2023, G. A embarked on a new creative journey alongside Rexius Records. Together, they wish to continue expanding and sharing their rich tapestry of sounds, cultures, and ideas.