Funeral Doors

Defined by cheeky lyrics, irreverent temperaments and an uncompromising sound, New Jersey’s  Funeral Doors have made waves in the tri-state area since their formation in late 2021.

Composed of guitarist/frontwoman Juni Purrrr (she/her), bassist Brooke St. Bones (she/her), and drummer Kidd Nickels (he/they), Funeral Doors  delivers an explosive live show teeming with genuine emotion and
love for the queer community. Funeral Doors captured this energy in 2022 with their debut EP blue candy & green flowers, with its lead single “I’m a Melodrama Mama Baby” quickly catching the
attention of New Jersey’s musical hotbed.

Between fervent gigging, writing, and recording going into 2023, the band released a split EP featuring the tracks “Stitch” and “Fireproof Pants” in time for one of their highest-profile shows to date: opening for Keep Flying at Asbury Park’s House of Independents.

Funeral Doors’ sound is heavily inspired by midwest emo, pop sensibilities and hardcore trappings. Purrr’s lyricism can only be described as an unfettered, unfiltered look into the trans experience that grabs hold of the listener’s attention and refuses to let go.

The band is currently preparing to release their sophomore EP in 2024