FreddyQ is a provocative artist from Denmark who makes honest and fearless rap music about
his life and experiences. At its core, his music is characterised by a desire to inspire others to
know that they do not have to fit into a certain box, just because that is what others might
expect of them. As a gay man who spent six years serving in the army, he knows what it means
to stand up for himself and be true to who is, which is a lesson that he hopes to pass on through
his music. The first song that he ever wrote, Gold, is a reminder for him to never forget that,
no matter what anyone says, he will always be Gold.

Since he was seven years old, he knew that music was something that he wanted to do, but it
was not until he was in his twenties that he realised rap was the genre through which he could
say exactly what he wanted to say. Particularly inspired by the way that Nicki Minaj and
Tessa’s music and stage presence encouraged so many women in rap, FreddyQ hopes that he
can follow their footsteps to inspire more LGBTQ+ people in the same way.
As much as he makes fun and sexy music that reverses the typical expectations of rap by writing
about men and queer relationships, he also makes music that confronts the listener to face their
prejudices, especially if those prejudices are internal. He writes music that inspires his listeners
to be open and honest with themselves and, above all, to have fun and not be afraid to be who
they are. As FreddyQ says, “if you wanna hook up, do it, if you want that man or woman, go
for it.”