Eph See

When it comes to making music independently, Boston born artist, Eph See, truly shines. Unsigned and unmanaged, Eph See has built their musical career from the ground up by releasing singles and a debut EP through self led campaigns and the help of their creative community of friends. Their debut EP, g*rlhood, released in October of 2021, landed them features in WBUR, Lyrical Lemonade, and The Fader all without the budget or marketing of a label which is a true test to the quality of their work and their dedication to their craft.

Growing up, their music taste was heavily influenced by their family members who would burn them CDs of their favorite tracks thus sparking the artist’s love for music discovery across all genres. Their broad love for all genres of music is reflected in their songwriting when working on their personal projects, and while writing for other artists at writing camps such as New York’s Anti Social Camp taking place across the boroughs each June. The only rule they have when songwriting: be honest at all costs.

A now recent graduate of Northeastern University’s college of arts, media, and design, Eph See is currently the artist in residence at the Inly School working on their next longform project and guiding the next generation of young songwriters and producers.