Emil Bror

Emil Bror is a young songwriter, who tries to create a curious and playful sound universe,
without getting locked in by one genre or style. With a poetic flair he tries to describe facets
of life everybody knows. Relations between people, being frustrated by the future, and other
personal problems are just some of the themes Emils music revolves around, and he is
never afraid to shine the light on some of the things that hurt.

Emil Bror will take you from Hong Kong to Barselona in search of a unique sound and a
great idea, and he is never afraid to show the influence of his idols on his sleeves. Emil
Brors music is an amalgamation of many different genres, but most notably he draws his
inspiration from indierock from the 2010s and glamrock from the 1970s. With a glamorous
and androgynous style and his band “Astronauterne” by his side, there is no doubt that Emil
Bror will deliver a concert experience that will take you to the moon!