Edsun is a multitalented artist from Luxembourg combining his personal brand of R&B with contemporary dance and alluring visuals, resulting in highly entertaining performance ensembles. Edsun began his musical journey with a melancholic dark air to his music, but has gradually transformed into uplifting unique sounds, peeling back layers that can weigh heavily, a transition that reflects Edsun’s personal journey. He is always driven by a sense of risk-taking and freedom, and belonging to the lgbtq+ community contributes on avenue of inspiration in his art.

Edsun has achieved a great deal since launching his music career in 2015. He’s performed in many concerts and festivals across europe, and opened for major acts such as Macy Gray, Jessie J, and Selah Sue. Edsun has released 2 EP’s, and a multitude of singles achieving ample radio airplay that also performed well in loacl charts.

As for the future, Edsun intends to explore his cap verdean roots further in his music, with his focus now on creating hybrid performances of music, dance and film that tell a story and can equally be performed in theatres as well as in concert halls or open air. Plans for Edsun’s first album are also in the works.