Gender-fluid Iranian-American artist, Dornika is a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, activist, fashion designer, model, performance artist and director based in Berlin.

Dornika is an icon in Berlin’s vibrant underground queer scene, rocking fierce looks and powerful messages of resilience that shine through her art. She fearlessly pushes boundaries, carving out her unique path, and empowering listeners to break free from societal norms surrounding gender, race, sex, and beauty. Her music is not bound by genre. She draws from all parts of her life, picking upg as she goes and exploring elements of jazz, hip-hop, pop, Iranian folk, voguing beats, techno and experimental electronic music.

She has gained international recognition as an independent music artist, playing over 100 shows across Europe and headlining for Pride in Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen and Rotterdam. She was featured in Spotify’s 2022 pride campaign and won several awards at international music video festivals.