ASTA NORR returns with her new song “Endgame”: a catchy story about flirting, doubt, and finding true love. After the positive reception of her first song “Wifey”, the Danish singer ASTA NORR is back with a fantastic follow-up, dealing with the moment when a flirt starts calling your relationship “endgame”. But is it really love or just big words?

In “Endgame”, ASTA NORR creates a strong emotional connection with the listener. The song is about being unsure if the person you are seeing is truly “endgame” or just a flirt that leads nowhere serious.

ASTA NORR herself says about the song: “Endgame is about when you meet someone you are really in love with, and everything seems to be as it should be. But there is still a little voice in the back of your head asking, ‘Is it really us?’ – Are we endgame, baby? Can I trust that you won’t hurt me? If you’ve been through a bad relationship before, it can be hard to trust that the new relationship is safe and right. And that’s the uncertainty Endgame is about.”

With her unique sound and honest lyrics, ASTA NORR once again creates a space where one can reflect and empathize. “Endgame” showcases her ability to touch the heart with her music and confirms her as one of Denmark’s most exciting new voices.