Phtalo is a non-binary sonic exploration, into the meeting of modern and vintage music production, where processed vocals are a minimalist art form, in a carefully selected machine park of synth and glitch. Phtalo distills an experimental approach of dynamic and versatile composition, into stunning works suspended between detailed sonic tapestries and gestural electronica. Touching upon styles like IDM, Chicago House and New Wave and Ambient, wired into a new and contemporary sound.

Just like Phtalo’s gender-nonconforming identity, the tracks are quick to take new shapes, while keeping the core intact. Phtalo is absorbed by textural subtleties and the meeting of opposites which lets us board and meet the unexpected. 

In their 20 year long career Phtalo aka Heidi Mortenson has played in most of the world, in particular they’ve criss crossed Europe for 10 years before their live-hiatus. Now they’re back full of energy and crowd engaging through the music, which seems natural for Phtalo, who easily gets carried away, as the volume rises and the music communicates and makes magic.