Pulsating beats, high energy and wildness in a digitized and sharp musical language. maththegamergirl ironises and exaggerates everything we know from pop music and brings it to a whole new level.

After releasing only one single, the artist managed to get media coverage from great Danish media such as Politiken, Soundvenue, Bands of Tomorrow and P6 Beat. She was also invited to perform at the well-known concert venue in Copenhagen, Lille Vega. maththegamergirl is one of the pioneers in hyperpop in Denmark and it is a genre that the Danish media has only just caught sight of.

maththegamergirl’s music is synthetic and energized as a Monster Energy-drink. It is filled with synthesizers and has a major use of autotune. The music could be described as hyperpop – a niche genre that pushes pop music to the limit and exaggerates everything we used to know about pop music. It is also filled with rock elements, which is clear in maththegamergirl’s two singles ’COOLIAC’ and ’Won’t You Be My Girlfriend?’. Both tracks have hit the max on everything – bpm, autotune, overdrive and experimental sound effects. The genre is both well-known but also completely strange, and that is exactly what makes it so interesting.

Irony is a part of the art in maththegamergirl’s music. The music is humoristic and fun, which this phrase from COOLIAC is a great example of: “The only thing I cry about is when my hair is really ugly” or in this sentence from Won’t You Be My Girlfriend?: “If you were my girlfriend you could drive my new car”. Each track is well-produced and really musical and that is why it doesn’t fall to the ground and you are not really in doubt about whether or not it is serious and earnest.

maththegamergirl’s music is about women and youth and about being high on oneself. These themes are also what we can expect to be presented on the EP, which will be released later this year. LGBT+ is an important topic in maththegamergirl’s universe, who is queer herself and wants to put more focus on LGBT+ topics and women in the music industry.

Behind maththegamergirl is 25-year-old Mathilde Salling Schou who has crossed and performed in different genres, including pop, rock, folk music and now hyperpop. The rock guitar plays a major role in the music – in the intro part in COOLIAC and in the guitar solo in Won’t You Be My Girlfriend? you can hear maththegamergirl go crazy on her guitar. The music is produced by the artist herself and you can definitely tell that there is a high level of musicality hidden between the layers of synthesizers and sound effects.