Elijah Kashmir

Elijah Kashmir (they/them) aims to create space for experimentation, breaking norms, and anchoring themselves in feelings of empowerment and sorrow, through their hard-hitting productions and norm-defying lyrics converge in a culmination of rap. With the singles ‘Badass Bitch’ and ‘Dryp,’ Elijah had an amazing start. They have performed at venues such as Villa CPH, SPOT festival, as support for Mykki Bianco, and at Copenhagen Pride’s closing party in front of 25,000 ecstatic attendees at Copenhagen City Hall Square. Their work has been featured in Soundvenue’s “top tracks” and Gaffa’s “keep an eye on”-section (September 2022 edition). They were also nominated for “Artist of the Year 2023” at the Danish Rainbow Awards.

With their debut-EP ‘RESURRECTION,’ the non-binary artist Elijah Kashmir provides a unique glimpse into growing up in a homophobic and patriarchal environment. Through the EP’s 8 songs, we follow the journey from denial and self-hate to rebellion, liberation, and pride in being queer. Exploring this deeply vulnerable and painful material is a significant undertaking for the Danish-Palestinian artist, who experienced being ostracized by their family as a teenager. Elijah Kashmir had to flee their home and seek refuge in a “safe house.” Since then, the now 25-year-old artist has been working on embracing their true self. For Elijah Kashmir, creating ‘RESURRECTION’ is a heartfelt necessity. With this EP, the artist aims to inspire other young individuals from double minority backgrounds to be themselves and live a meaningful life.

Elijah Kashmir is acutely aware that ‘RESURRECTION’ will undoubtedly stir anger and contempt in broad segments of the environment they grew up in. It is an inevitable part of the work to make it visible that one can be both queer and Muslim.

”This collection of 8 tracks showcases my journey of self-discovery and rebirth, as I explore themes of neglect, growth, and empowerment. With a sound that blends elements of electronic, pop and reggaeton. This EP is about the process of resurrecting – both personally and creatively. It’s about finding the strength to let go of the pain from the past, and to create a new, more authentic version of myself. Unapologetically.”- Elijah Kashmir